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A Trailblazer is a leader, a pacesetter, a pioneer, and each year we have four honorary categories for individuals who have made a significant impact in their respective arena. A Posthumous Trailblazer is awarded to those who have walked the path before us and given us hope as we move into the future. 

What is a 


For more than a decade, The Kansas African American Museum (TKAAM) has honored pioneers who helped shape the Kansas African American experience through an exhibit titled Trailblazers. Now, TKAAM recognizes the perseverance and achievements of these leaders at its dazzling annual fundraiser, A Tribute to Trailblazers. Each year this event proudly honors a new class of inductees into an esteemed, established “Hall of Fame.”

Why we

  • 2022
    Dr. Kevass J. Harding Delano E. Lewis June Bacon - Bercey Roy Moye III
  • 2021
    Wanda Parker-Givens Sheinelle Jones-Ojeh Dr. Larry Mitnaul Hon. Julie A. Robinson John Brooks Slaughter
  • 2020
    Carla Eckels Junetta Everett Hattie McDaniel Sam Ford Sharla Smith, Ph.D.
  • 2019
    Ms. Deltha Q. Colvin Greg “Hitman” Williams Gordon Parks Ebony Clemons-Ajibolade
  • 2018
    Dr. Alicia Thompson Karla Burns Elisha Scott, Sr
  • 2017
    Kevin Merida Connie Franklin Ron Walters
  • 2016
    Kevin Wilmott Kim Thomas Godwin Opara Father Mark Carroll
  • 2015
    Robert Brogden Judith Wencel Willie Jeffries Donald Hollowell
  • 2014
    James Hysten Fern Merrifield Van Giesen LaFayette Norwood Dwight Eisenhower
  • 2013
    James Reeb Dockum Sit-in Group Veryl Switzer
  • 2012
    Ed Dwight Cheryl McAfee-Mitchell Charyl McAfee Duncan U.L. “Rip” Gooch
  • 2011
    Angela Bates Lynette Woodard Linwood Sexton
  • 2010
    Ralph Reid Rosie Hughes Barry Sanders
  • 2009
    Xavia Hightower-Howard Shon Gables Cheryl Brown Henderson Rev Oliver L. Brown
  • 2002
    George Johnson Rudy Love John Allen Anderson Eugene Jackson Abner Val Jean Jackson Bernice Hutcherson Johnathan Wells Mildred Ingram Dr. William Burney Billy Randle, Sr. Jennifer Jones Chief Norman Williams Zenobia Washington Julius McLaurian Billy Q. McCray Rev. Jettie P. Dennis, Jr. Charles Doughty Dr. Donald Jackson
  • 2000
    Melina Banks Riley Banks, Jr. Jo Gardenhire Harold Cary Spencer Tolbert Cleo Littleton Terrence McDonald, M.D. Melvin Parks Josephine Brown Jessie Foust Val Brown Sr., M.D. Dennis Shaw Samuel Adams Judge Greg Waller Floyd Powell Vashti Lewis, Ph.D. Rev Kenneth L. Davis Curtis McClinton Bishop J.C. Gilkey, Sr. E. Ceasus Tyree
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