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TKAAM will maintain our regular hours of operation: Tues.-Fri. 10am-5pm and Sat. 12pm-4pm with the following precautions: 


  • Face masks are STRONGLY recommended. 

  • Wash hands often! 

  • Avoid touching – try using your arms, back and feet to push open doors. 

  • Drinking fountains are not available.  

  • No Public Restrooms. Restrooms are available for TKAAM guest and members. 

  • Staff will wear masks and practice social distancing. 

  • Visitors are encouraged to follow CDC recommendations and practice social distancing. Visit  


For the health of our guests, please follow these Guidelines: 

  • If you are feeling sick, stay home. 

  • Cover your face with your elbow when you cough or sneeze. 

  • Wash your hands. 


As the situation continues to evolve, TKAAM leadership continues to monitor new developments and ensure that precautionary measures are adequate. Thank you for your continuous support of TKAAM. Stay SAFE! 

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